Utilities Set Up Instructions and Forms

Congratulations on your upcoming closing! Its time to turn our attention to utility transfer… Attached below are the forms and included instructions for filling them out. We will need the completed forms and a copy of your driver’s license (whomever’s name is on the form, only one can be used). An iphone pic is fine for this, I  just need something that can be printed out. Once closing is official, the title company will fax a copy of the warranty deed, and I will then take the paperwork to the offices to complete the set up. Please see the instructions below, and be sure to let us know which option you want for the water bill.

Send them back with the driver’s license, and I will take care of the rest!

Sara Hallett  M.A., Administrative Assistant / Licensed Sales Agent

Keys Energy:

Page 1

Keys Energy Deposit Requirement Form

Complete the top section Deposit Agreement. You only need to complete and sign the top box. The credit card information is for the $125 deposit only. Be sure to sign the bottom!

Page 2

Keys Energy Service Agreement

Complete section one as much as you can.

Initial the box in the middle of the page.

Sign and Date at the bottom but do not check the box “I accept”.


Complete Agreement for Service.

FKAA Application

In the payment information, provide your credit card information, exp date and security code. You have two options here:

1. Sign up for Autopay and a $20 service charge will be charged on your credit card and the deposit is waived. You will be billed monthly and automatic payment will be made with the card provided.

2. Only use the credit card for the deposit and use another method of monthly payment. In the remarks section, write credit card for deposit only. The deposit is $125.

Comcast  hi speed internet and cable TV

We also have a concierge type service for your phone, internet and cable at Comcast. The contact person’s name is Cassandra and her phone number is 305.924.8677. She does an amazing job and can explain all of the different services and plans so you can select the one that is best for you.