Help Christine King Rebuild Her Home

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Those of us who live in the city of Key West have so much to be grateful for, today more than ever. Many of us left our homes with a… Read More

August/September Key West Real Estate Statistics

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Staging Tip #17: Make Your Home Sparkle

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Summer vacations are winding down and fall is in the air, even here in Key West.  Yes, I know, it is still unbelievably hot, but the kids are back in… Read More

Monthly Key West Market Statistics – July 2017

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Home Staging Tip #16: DIY Staging Tips

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You have assessed your home, based on other homes you have seen on the MLS or even TV, and have determined that your home measures up to an uncluttered, stylish… Read More

Monthly Key West Market Statistics – June 2017

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Home Staging Tip #15: Buying a Fixer Upper

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Fixer-uppers can be diamonds in the rough, or they can be huge money pits that swallow up all your hard-earned dollars. You will have a better chance of making a… Read More

Monthly Key West Market Statistics – May 2017

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Home Staging Tip #14: Summer Prep – Getting Ready for Season!

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We are in the throes of summer; Wonderful hot, sticky, sometimes rainy, glorious sunsets and calm waters of a Key West summer.  This is my favorite time of year, but… Read More

Monthly Key West Market Statistics – April 2017

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